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Foodie Event at Park Place

Yesterday, Cedar Street Toffee, braved the heat with about 1,000 people and vendors combined to attend the first ever, Foodie Chick Event at Park Place in Leawood, Kansas! I just love attending events.  I love the preparation - how my boys construct boxes for us and help load the cars.  I love how after all the hard work, I get to see first hand the reactions on people's face when they try our toffee.  It truly makes it all worth it... a full circle of love... loving making it, loving preparing for our customers especially our first time tasters and the love of everyone's enthusiasm as they try it! I want to thank everyone who attended last night.  I want to thank...

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Another amazing day of summer and another fun day with family to celebrate Friday!  Friday's in my family are known as Family Friday night.  We usually fire up the pizza oven and it is the one night my boys get dessert.  Then we cuddle up and watch a movie together or light up the fireplace on colder nights and play 20 questions.   I feel truly blessed to have such amazing little men in my life - especially blessed to have my incredible husband.  It is because of my wonderful family that I have been able to truly believe in Cedar Street Toffee.  It has been a leap of faith to start this business off the ground.  My family has...

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Happy Thanksgiving

We cannot believe how quickly this year has flown by us.  As we sit back this coming week and reflect on our blessings I cannot help but think of all of our friends and family who encouraged us this past year.  Those who stood by us, those who never doubted our toffee adventure.   A very special thank you to our beloved husbands, who have taken on extra, "daddy duty" as we have worked events.  To our children who were eager to sample our batches as we perfected our art.  And to the upcoming Holidays and the never ending possibilities of our dreams! Happy Thanksgiving to each of you and your families.

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