Another amazing day of summer and another fun day with family to celebrate Friday!  Friday's in my family are known as Family Friday night.  We usually fire up the pizza oven and it is the one night my boys get dessert.  Then we cuddle up and watch a movie together or light up the fireplace on colder nights and play 20 questions.  

I feel truly blessed to have such amazing little men in my life - especially blessed to have my incredible husband.  It is because of my wonderful family that I have been able to truly believe in Cedar Street Toffee.  It has been a leap of faith to start this business off the ground.  My family has been my number one fan, always encouraging, always wanting to help and always reminding me of their love.

It has been a whirlwind of a year and we are still going strong.  I cannot express enough gratitude to each of my customers who have loved our toffee.  Those repeat customers who continually share our toffee with their loved ones.  Thank you to my corporate people who placed orders and successfully pushed Cedar Street Toffee to ship throughout the country.  And a huge thank you to all the stores who have put Cedar Street Toffee on their shelves!

Yes, today there is a lot to celebrate.  Family, friends and the ending to an incredible week at Cedar Street Toffee!  Thank you everyone for your support and encouraging words!