Falling into Place


My family and I spent the entire summer trying to prepare for this upcoming Fall/Winter Season... or as we like to now call it, "Toffee Season".  As much as we prepared, toffee keeps flying out our doors!  Wow.  I am so amazed and humbled with the public response.  Not only have we expanded into multiple Hallmarks in the Kansas City area... we continue to have new vendors asking for our toffee to stock their shelves.  

Now I have to mention the two best gifts that have fallen into our kitchen.  Susan and Cassie... our newest employees!  They have been troopers standing at a hot stove, packing, weighing and washing pans upon pans.  

They have not only brought a much needed relief of help into our space, but so much laughter.  What a great way to go to work everyday... excited to be around the people who work with you.  LOVE IT!

It is all falling into place.  I couldn't be more grateful, more happy and more loved!

Thank you Toffee Lovers